Pixels, PMS colors & portfolios.

Creative Services

Promo, packaging, web design – creatives are everywhere. Writers, Art Directors, PMs and account people cycle through them, high-fiving each other in the hallways and sharing secrets about the last all-nighter, the sweatshops, and who still serves beer. (Most of ’em!) We know because we’re former creatives, too.

McIntyre has placed thousands of people like you in:

Design/Art Direction

Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Web Designers, Digital Designers Illustrators, Presentation Artists, Print Production Artists and Photo Retouchers.

Account & Traditional Marketing

Account Coordinators, Account Executives, Project Managers, Traffic Managers, Production Coordinators, Event Coordinators, Traditional Marketing Managers and Coordinators.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers, Digital Strategists, Social Media Managers, E-mail Marketers and SEO, SEM, PPC Specialists.


Copywriters, Editors, Proofreaders, Bloggers and Content Strategists.

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